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The Voucher is a document confirming the right to 5 night free of charge accommodation, for two individulas, in selected hotels and boarding houses. These facilities are listed in OmniGeo Catalogue of Hotels. The Voucher shall be redeemed under the provisions defined in the Terms and Conditions.

The Voucher recipient receives the document in the form of a hotel Voucher, with a unique serial number and designation. Specified on the voucher are an expiry date and the entitled length of stay. The Voucher is secured in a manner that allows for the confirmation of its authenticity.

The Voucher contains pre-printed fields: expiry period, the series and the cheque number, number of nights to be utilized as well as empty fields that the holder is required to complete in printed letters - the name, surname and address of residence.

The Voucher is also a great idea for a gift. Therefore, it is distributed in a blank form, and may be presented by its holder to third parties. Just before redeeming the Voucher, one must legibly complete required fields. Please note that the Voucher has to be utilized prior to its expiry date, as per the Terms and Conditions.

Main Voucher features:
  • only one person can use the Voucher
  • the only and total costs of staying with the Voucher are feeding rates individual for each hotel
  • in blanco form – so it can be used by any person
  • enables to stay in one of 800 European hotels
  • the catalogue of hotels honoring the Voucher is available on the OmniGeo website
  • the Voucher has a specified expiration date, which is printed on it
  • leisure time should be agreed with the management of the selected hotel
  • the Voucher is disposable – you can use it only once and in one hotel
  • using the Voucher means accepting the regulations
  • For preparing and delivering the Voucher by post to the address indicated, there is a fee of 58,50 zł
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