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OmniGeo is an international research project of a pan-European reach. The idea of it is to use the opinions and data gathered in parallel research projects covering the whole tourism industry.

The survey methodology covers periodic research of users in large samples.

Thank to technological development and popularisation of Internet it has become possible to gain a high credibility of the research conducted by e-panel. That way the survey may be conducted faster and more often.

The adopted research procedures guarantee high credibility of the obtained data and the possibility of using it in professional business plans and tourism developments programmes.

The aim of the conducted surveys is to use them in the tourism industry by knowing the changing trends and tourism moods.

The surveys are being conducted by using anonymous questionnaires with full respect for the users’ privacy. The privacy policy consists in saving the questionnaires in a way they cannot be associated with individual respondents. The specific protection covers IP number as well as contact details needed for delivering the voucher.

In order to increase the interest in online tourism surveys and to encourage the Internet users to take part in them, a vouchers’ pool has been prepared. They entitle to a free of charge accommodation in one of the 800 European hotels. The only condition to receive a voucher is to fill in the questionnaire completely.

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